heat transfer on pitot tube 0856MG

Analisa Perpindahan Panas pada Pitot Tube 0856MGthe pitot tube p/n 0856MG using in aircraft type Beechcraft 1900D. This aircraft can flight till altitude 25000 ft, with velocity 260 knots. So, the temperature around of the aircraft will be minus 34 degree celcius during aircraft flight. this condition should be an ice in tip or leading edge of the aircraft, such as pitot tube.

If the ice forming on the mouth of pitot tube, the navigation on the cockpit, can not response altitude, pressure and velocity of the aircraft. and it will be dangerous for the aircraft. therefore, anti icing system has been installed in the neck of pitot tube to prevent icing in the pitot tube.

this analysis will be interesting regarding to this phenomenon about heat transfer in this pitot tube during the aircraft flight.




One response to “heat transfer on pitot tube 0856MG

  1. dmna letak pitot tube itu?dbwh sayap atw dbwh body?

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